Hack the Library

How we can use our library to make Worthing an even better place to live?

West Sussex County Council


All ideas

West Sussex County Council is partnering with FutureGov to host a day-long re-imagining of how Worthing Library could offer even more to our local residents. This isn't about buying new books or opening on Sundays -- it's about generating ideas for how the local community can do new and interesting things with everything the library has to offer.

As residents of Worthing, you know better than anyone how we can best use Worthing Library as a public space and to provide a high quality customer experience.

Tell us your idea for how the library could help by posting it here. Describe it in any way you like, but try to include the following:

1) What issue would your idea solve?

2) What role can the library play in solving the issue? For example, is it about physical space? Providing services for particular users? Acting as a community organiser?

3) Who would benefit from your idea and why?

So, what happens next? Your ideas will serve as the basis for the whole day, guiding teams on where to focus their brainpower. And if you don’t have an idea right now, don’t worry! You’ll have the opportunity on 14th May to pitch your idea or join someone else’s team.

Please submit your idea by 23rd April 2016, or pitch it at the event on 14th May. If you have any questions, contact abbey@wearefuturegov.com.