Saturday Swap Shop

Space given for residents to enjoy a coffee, socialise and link in with services

Me Submitted by Neil Partridge
Hack the Library
How we can use our library to make Worthing an even better place to live?

Every 2nd or 4th saturday, a well publicised community event is held, with two key aspects - a pleasant area for residents to enjoy a cuppa whilst chatting to new people. Secondly local services (hopefully a core of regulars plus ad hoc addition) will have space to have a market stand where they can attract new customers/provide information. This could be public health trying to "catch" certain demographic for health checks, adult safeguarding raisisng awareness of "danger signs" for people to look out for with neighbours. You could also have businesses (where appropriate) generating business (coach tours, gardening services, homecare, shopping assistance). I'm seeing this as targetted at OAPs, but could be tweaked for any target audience.