Pharmacy in a library

Pharmacy in the library - generates income through rent and encourages footfall

Me Submitted by Neil Partridge
Hack the Library
How we can use our library to make Worthing an even better place to live?

The major challenge facing libraries is budget cuts, so ways to generate income are key. The ideal solution is to rent space to a business; but it would need to have shared customer base with the library; a requirement for a high sreet shop front; appropriate product; not be reliant on impulse purchases; small footprint (to minimise impact on library space).

So, what's the answer?

A pharmacy! Everyone (unless they're very lucky) needs a pharmacy once in a while, and what better place than in a library.

People visit a pharmacy because they need medication, so a convenient location is more important than eye catching store front.

A typical high street store costs £600pw to rent - the library could charge a slightly discounted rent to encourage a tennant.

People can browse the books or use the inernet whilst they wait for their prescription.

Some of the target audiences for social servics/public health would be brought to the library, allowing them to be contacted.