wellbeing/healthcheck hub and Bookclub venue

Wellbeing advice, info &sign-up inc NHS Healthcheck service. Bookclub venue.

No_avatar_small Submitted by Kelly Murphy
Hack the Library
How we can use our library to make Worthing an even better place to live?

Information, help, advice and access all under one roof, with knowledgeable staff there to guide and assist. Instead of lots of sifting through leaflets a member of staff could signpost, offer suggestions, sign-up or refer to services related to health, wellbeing, exercise etc. By serving as a one stop shop for these matters it eliminates the need for a person not knowing where to start with something, as well as them not having to trudge around various places. It will also serve the members of the community who are not on-line. The library could also be used as a venue for NHS Healthchecks. Another idea is to encourage the use of the library as a venue to hold Bookclub meet-ups. This would be particularly good for the younger generation and elderly residents as they can be in a safe venue. The idea of providing a coffee shop would tie-in brilliantly with this.