Evening event venue

The library has an underused lecture theatre. Use it more!

No_avatar_small Submitted by Kelly O'Haire
Hack the Library
How we can use our library to make Worthing an even better place to live?

The library could stage a series of talks from people maybe based around different sections of the library, the talk happens and then that section is focussed on so people borrow more books from it.

It could also be marketed to local community groups and businesses for comedy nights, product launches, AGMs, political meetings - all sorts of things.

The venue is already there - could Worthing Theatres help market the theatre as a new smaller more intimate venue? It would need to open until at least 10pm to make it work.

  • Mike Pailthorpe
    14 May at 08:06

    My own thinking is around how the under 18s can be better involved in library (and museum) spaces. Our library is great for pre-adolescents and very early teens but after that they find themselves in a very different environment which finds them too noisy, too physical, too social. If we can square that circle for under 18s who are refused entry to most adult spaces because that economy hinges on licensed alcohol sales, we can achieve something hugely positive.