Create Creativity

Spark creativity in the library, inspired by it's resources.

No_avatar_small Submitted by Maxine Winter
Hack the Library
How we can use our library to make Worthing an even better place to live?

Doing something creative can help people to meet others, express themselves, increase their confidence, improve their mental health and have fun. But often people don't know where to start or don't get round to it.

Worthing could encourage creativity in multiple ways which would bring people into the library, using the resources and perhaps discovering things they didn't know were there.

  • The physical space could be used to host workshops and groups.

  • There could be a competition for creative work inspired by resources at Worthing Library. The works could be shown in the library, near the resources that inspired them. (This would be like "Inspired by V&A", but broader and open to all.)

  • There could be drop in sessions helping people to create a digital image, write a poem, make some art or take photographs inspired by the library's resources.

Any resident could participate. Schools might be interested in using it as a project.